Yiruma: River flows in you

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Yiruma: River flows in you

Post by ElderKingpin on Sat May 01, 2010 10:11 pm

When hearing music from chopin and today's pianist, you can clearly see the different types of music piano can give people.

Composer: Yiruma.
Real Name: I Ru-ma
Full Name: River flows in you
More Information: Written in 2001, this song is commonly mistaken as "Bella's Lullaby" in the movie twilight (which is garbage). This is probably the most popular song in yiruma's collection. Mainly because of Twilight
Yiruma means "accomplishment" in Korean.
In 2008, Yiruma came back from his mandatory 2 years of service in the South Korean Navy, he gave up his dual-citizenship in the UK to do this.


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